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May 12, 2010

Random Wednesday

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May 11, 2010

Feet don’t fail me now

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What the hell is wrong with my brain? I just purchased these freak shows from OK, so I know, I know. Don’t say it out loud because I don’t wanna hear it. I tell myself that they are by Charles Anastase or Marni…anything in fact other than the dreaded Simpson. But, you see, I just had to have them. They fit my personal style too well to pass up. My family and friends keep telling me I was born out of time because I am obsessed with just about every style fad from the roaring 20’s to the hippy dippy 70’s. Nothing after. I don’t do “modern” well at all. I am not comfortable. Geeky, goofball women with an addiction to uproarious belly laughter and pulling silly faces and mischievous pranks seldom do modern well. This is what I tell myself anyway. It helps. Anyway, back to the shoes. So I bought them because I been having night sweats over the Charles Anastase ones which I couldn’t bring myself to buy and these Dany platforms are the closest I could find in shape and height without the circus factor. I can’t wait to wear with knee high socks and shorts! OMG just thinking about it is giving me the damn DT’s. Seriously, the postman better hurry up if he knows what’s good for him!

I got them in the Black Intense Nappa. Needing a second opinion before hitting the “buy” button, I found strength enough to relinquish the mouse and put my hand on my phone and I called my husband. You might as well know it now; dude is like my best girl friend and I don’t mean  it in any emasculating way at all, living with him is definitely the same thrill I’d get if I were living with my best friend. We go shopping all the time and discuss shapes and colour and print etc etc and its so much fun. Just to set the record straight, he was not always like that you dig me. He was more the cheap beer jeans ‘n’ shirt type but ya know mama changed that in a jiffy! So anyway, he gave me the green light. I was like “should I get em? Should I? What do you think?” And all the while doing that weird crazy-boggle-eyed woman insane laughter thing. Yeah, you’re out there and you know I m am not alone. Pleeeease hurry up Mr. Postman. Puhlease.

In case you haven’t as yet heard, these were the stupid heights at which heels soared last season. Check out the Charles Anastase ones which I passed up because they really are ridiculous. Not sure how tall the heels are but I would guess somewhere around 8 inches whereas the Dany ones are a little over 5 inches. BTW there is a picture of Pixie Geldof totally eating tarmac in a pair of his creations!

And for the rest of it because if you know me, then you know that I just can’t buy a pair of shoes without getting a new outfit to go with them. So here is my shopping for today. Time well spent I think. Internet I could kiss you!

First up is this adorable washed silk romper by Geren Ford at

jumper1 jumper2

Next up is the Tatiana Jumpsuit by Indah which I think is the perfect outfit for long haul flights this summer.

jump3 jump4

Another romper (am I obsessed?) by Free People, this time a floral cutie that seems to have that “thrifted” vibe written all over it.

dress1 dress2

I am over the romper thing now.

April 30, 2010

Selling buttery soft leather over-the-knee nude coloured vintage boots

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These size 6 US (4 UK, 37 European) boots are ah-ma-zing! Circa 1972, they are in excellent vintage condition. The leather is sturdy but pliable meaning that when you put them on they won’t slouch or fail to keep their form. They hold up and come to just over the knee. If you choose to however, you can slouch them. The colour is a very soft caramel nude, almost a beige. If you are into wearing nude this season (or at all) then these darling vintage boots will slide nicely into your wardrobe, lifting the look of skinny jeans, shorts worn with thigh length socks or even just bare legs. They really are lovely and do get a lot of compliments.
Selling for $120. Or make me an offer I cannot refuse!
Will post worldwide. Paypal only.
See HERE for more detailed images.boots1_sml

March 19, 2010

Help Me Find Shoes Like These

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Chloe Silverado Ankle Boots.

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And I can’t believe I missed out on the Pierre Hardy for Gap line. What the hell was I doing?

March 8, 2010

Dior Wedge Shoe 2010

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If I don’t get my feet into these perfect little beauties soon I fear I might explode! I am currently on the waiting list for the black pair, priced at $1,150.00.
Dior has excelled himself with the 2010 footwear collection. These wedges are sensational. I always tend to favour a tall (4.5 – 5 inch) stack heel over any other type of heel, be it conical, stilleto, kitten whatever. However I am very particular about the shape of the stack. It must must must be all the same width, absolutely no tapering anywhere. Like a solid tall rectangle. Like a skyscraper true. If anyone out there shares my passion for such heels, you will undoubtedly share in my misery over the scarcity. Sometimes Chanel will do one, like the black patent leather cut-out booties much favoured by style maverick and raving beauty Alexa Chung. I narrowly missed out on these boots and have been kicking myself everyday. Of course, I would have much preferred this Dior version without the wedge in the middle, a hidden platform would have finished off the job nicely and created a truly classic lasting shoe. Still, I cannot wait to get mine and just like the model in the picture I shall be wearing them all over the place with ankle socks.

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