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May 12, 2010

Random Wednesday

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May 5, 2010

I Am Loathed To Admit It But…

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I reaaally reaaally like the short shag hairdo that Victoria Beckham sported last year. This woman, urghhh irritates me. I never completely “got” her. She seems too uptight for my tastes and I firmly believe that fashion should be fun and comfortable subsequently I have always found her to be a-lot-a-bit of a try hard. Severity in anything especially fashion puts me right off! Anywhoo, for some reason that I haven’t quite worked out the “why’” of yet, the hairstyle below actually makes her look good. Not jus good but sexy, young and casual. Even with those stupid stilettos that are permanently glued to her feet. Kinda get the feeling though that if she had chosen to wear anything other than the vest top and grey skinnies, I may not have liked this look at all. But she did and I do. I like it a little too much. Now, where are my scissors…?

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