Shacked Up At The Chateau

May 5, 2010

My Hubby Surprised Me With This

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Last Friday evening there came the familiar sound of male shoes running up wooden stairs, stairs which wind their way outside and lead to the front door of our apartment home. I have become so accustomed to his footsteps which are always quick, light and sure no matter what kind of shoes he wears. I believe wholeheartedly that if you were to blindfold me and make me listen to a thousand recorded footsteps, I could differentiate his from the multitudes. He reminds me of an elf!

In he came and found me painting at my easel, next to the big window, the one which lets in the best and most splendid light even on a rainy day. “Put your hand in my right pocket” he commanded. I looked at him for a moment thinking this has got to be waaay to early for what he has in mind and by an open window too no less! So I sat there and rolled my eyes and gave him a kiss on the cheek instead. “Was your day that awful?” I asked. “It was good” he said “But I need you to put your hand in my right pocket and take out what’s there”. So sure that he was up to tricks again, I decided to play along but to be cautious. Well, I never expected it. My fingers rested on metal and when I fished it out I saw this delightful gold bracelet! It is so sweet and has three charms on it: a gun, a shoe and a key. My darling dearest, took my wrist even though it was covered in oil paint and turpentine and gently placed the bracelet on me. “Why?” I asked. “Just because” he said and then he kissed me.

Do you like it? I do, very much.

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