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April 30, 2010

Selling buttery soft leather over-the-knee nude coloured vintage boots

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These size 6 US (4 UK, 37 European) boots are ah-ma-zing! Circa 1972, they are in excellent vintage condition. The leather is sturdy but pliable meaning that when you put them on they won’t slouch or fail to keep their form. They hold up and come to just over the knee. If you choose to however, you can slouch them. The colour is a very soft caramel nude, almost a beige. If you are into wearing nude this season (or at all) then these darling vintage boots will slide nicely into your wardrobe, lifting the look of skinny jeans, shorts worn with thigh length socks or even just bare legs. They really are lovely and do get a lot of compliments.
Selling for $120. Or make me an offer I cannot refuse!
Will post worldwide. Paypal only.
See HERE for more detailed images.boots1_sml


April 29, 2010

Pretty Special

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I stumbled on these gorgeous ed’s from Fashioncopious’ blog and was so overwhelmed by the prettiness that I just had to share. I am suddenly inspired to pick wildflowers and run through a field of wheat and poppies in a wispy dress of finest silk gauze.
Morning Flowers
Vogue Nippon June 2010
Shot by: Andreas Sjödin
Model: Frida Gustavsson

April 27, 2010

Alexa Chung. Let us all try to get along, shall we?

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I dig Alexa Chung. I really do. From her face to her lanky legs to her skinny frame and her penchant for quirky mismatched clothes. This girl epitomises true London style in all its eccentric devil-may-care tongue-in-cheek glory.
I have been lucky enough in the past to have been invited to some of the fashionable events and parties where Miss Chung was also in attendance (it’s not what you know dear but who you know, ahem) and I can tell you unequivocally that she really is that pretty in real life. The girl is a knock-out. Simple fact. Refusing to believe differently does not change this fact. And if that were not enough she is also possessed of a very funny British sense of humour which I believe in part hails from her pin sharp witticism and observances that she likes to…share out loud.
But of late there has been a lot of negativity aimed at her and maybe this has something in part to do with her rise in popularity and therefore her subsequent rise on the fashion radar which has seen her move up the ranks to the point where she has become an icon and muse du jour to many a fashionista.
I’m interested in breaking this hate-fest down. I want to put my own spin, if I may, on why certain girls and women feel the need to dislike her and others of the same type. I think it is important to do so. I don’t just want to sum it up as jealousy even though this is what it amounts to in the end, for that would be far too easy a dismissal. I want to understand a lot more than that. Please stop reading here if you are easily offended.
For instance, the women who claim to hate her (face) are normally very short of stature, toping 5’ 2” at the very most. With short stumpy stocky legs that lack any true definition between thigh, calf and ankle. They are probably also carrying love handles on the sides of their short torsos. Their necks are short and their faces are flat, wide and featureless like their noses. These women can find beauty only in others who look exactly like them. Women who define beauty by wearing long tresses of wavy mermaid hair placed just so over the shoulders. Coloured contact lenses are also de rigour. I am talking about the kind of look glorified by such magazines as ViVi who employ half-pint “models” such as Sara Mary, Jun and Rinka to be the pin-ups of the short disgruntled women I am talking about today. Yes I placed the word “model” in inverted commas because lets face it, while it is true every country has its own definition of beauty, the real money making powerhouse of fashion resides in the West, in Europe and America. It would be impossible for a girl like Sara Mary to scrape her hair off her face into a tight severe pony tail , not I hasten to add into a cutesy puffy, tendril falling, face framing top knot! And wash her face free of makeup, wear the simple models uniform of skinny jeans with a plain white or black t-shirt and some heels and expect to have any luck what-so-ever on a go-see when in competition with a 5’ 11” chiselled creature with cheekbones so sharp it could cut glass! It wouldn’t happen, not in this universe anyway. Perhaps you haven’t heard of ViVi or these models of which I speak but it is quite easy to find if you browse the international section of any decent magazine store.
But, here is the kicker. These same women secretly love and therefore begrudge the very features which they claim to hate in others. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the men they date and marry. These men are nearly always their exact opposite. Tall while the women are short. Thin and lanky while the women are stumpy, stocky and petite (petite is not the same as skinny. Skinny is bony whilst petite can encompass anything that is tiny). A sharply defined chiselled face whilst the women’s are flat, broad and devoid of contours. Classically handsome opposing the not so. Even the skin tone more often than not is different. What does all this mean? Opposites do attract! And the good news is, this is great for the gene pool.
And if you are out there and happen to be reading this and experiencing that sick feeling in your stomach because deep inside you know this post applies to you, well, I want you to understand something quite important: we can all see it quite easily when you are out together with your man. The world is not blind! Really doesn’t matter how you try to disguise it and fix your mermaid hair or make-up or what clothes cover your body or indeed the way you always pose for photographs favouring a semi profile shot with chin either tucked down or sticking right up and out and lips that are extended and pouted ( a trick used so often by the non photogenic and insecure).
These women I speak of go for men who are their direct opposites because they can appreciate and understand this kind of beauty in a man. In a man, it is non threatening. For females who see every other woman as competition (even after they are married), the world of tall, skinny, contoured and beautiful is a very daunting and scary place. So it makes perfect sense that they build armour by pretending to be indifferent and by creating a private world which protects and nurtures only the type of “beauty” which they can easily attain and therefore understand. For my two cents, I think it is a very small world they live in where reality is warped to suit a required belief.
I don’t like it at all. True, we all need to feel better about ourselves but surely it should not be at the cost of reality! Or is reality nothing more than ones perspective of the truth? I leave it to you to answer.
The jig is up ladies. Hatred is a horrible thing. Let us have no more of it.
OK. Enough, I’ve said my piece and I am satisfied. Let’s have a girl crush moment and perv on a few Alexa Chung pictures.
39534_alexa_chung_whitney_museum_gala_tikipeter_celebritycity_002_123_580lo  tumblr_l0o6rsSA5m1qb4838o1_1280
tumblr_kzv9dz22SW1qb4838o1_1280   36355_Preppie_-_Alexa_Chung_departs_her_show_at_MTV_Studios_in_New_York_City_-_September_1_2009_742_122_391lo  28740_Preppie_-_Alexa_Chung_at_The_Cinema_Society_and_Hugo_Boss_screening_of_Inglourious_Basterds_-_August_17_2009_514_123_339lo  74495_Preppie_-_Alexa_Chung_strolls_around_the_streets_of_West_Hollywood_-_October_7_2009_427_122_528lo  78757_alexa_chung_at_sweetiepie_in_nyc_tikipeter_celebritycity_006_123_447lo
87761_Preppie_-_Alexa_Chung_hangs_around_and_has_fun_with_friends_in_New_York_City_4132_122_80lo    71640_Preppie_-_Alexa_Chung_strolls_around_the_streets_of_West_Hollywood_-_October_7_2009_692_122_30lo  z19eo32rb6tq Y271335405659222_5   y3un0t6kgi2p   xaqusjof7ydb tumblr_kzdrrkHWbW1qb4838o1_1280   sgsl21 84068_Preppie_-_Alexa_Chung_eating_dinner_on_Abbot_Kinney_in_Venice_Beach_-_October_8_2009_030_122_592lo  87083_Preppie_-_Alexa_Chung_walking_around_Soho_-_July_26_2009_055_122_21lo 2097838458d91c3f672ec59d173e604c

April 26, 2010

Beauty SS 2010

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At the Spring/Summer 2010 shows we saw a welcome return to smoky eyes, bright eye shadows guaranteed to make any eye colour pop and lips in searing hot acid magenta, corals and oranges…

It’s a small thing, nothing but a detail really but boy am I in love with Chanel’s 505 Particuliere! A very strange taupe like grey colour. Odd and interesting.

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April 25, 2010


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OMFG!!! I was browsing Zara online just now and was hit between the eyes with this picture. I can’t believe…dude looks like my HUSBAND! Same face, body…even the stance. Except the hairstyle, he wears his longer.
Dude below could be a freakin’ doppelganger or something. Crazy.

April 22, 2010

Naughty But Nice

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OK. Today I want to discuss underwear. Not so much the trend that has been going around as of late (and will not die) of wearing underwear as outerwear but underwear that has the ability to be pretty, feminine, good quality and lets face it, seductive. Even if there is no one in particular to seduce it is just so nice and empowering I think to feel sexy under clothing. Its a confidence thing I think. Whenever I have nice lingerie on I instantly feel better, my head is up, my shoulders thrown back and there’s a lengthy leggy stride to my normally quick walk.
For years, in fact ever since they opened their first branch in Soho London, I have been a fan of Agent Provocateur. From the second you walk in and are greeted by the delicious 40’s inspired red lipstick wearing sales assistants in their sexy button down nurse uniform and the plush satin and velvet surroundings. It is just sooo plush. A little guilty pleasure. I remember one time I was shopping in there and Kylie Minogue was looking through some bra’s. Terrific! I can’t remember what she bought I couldn’t stop looking at her and thinking how pretty she is.
Myla is another good brand and La Perla and so is Fleur Of England, these suit my personality and form well.
I don’t normally wear a bra, in fact I hardly ever do. I much prefer the way t-shirts and blouses and sweaters look without one on me, more…natural. But when I do wear one I like it to match my knickers (panties). I like matching underwear and I like it to have a theme, whether 50’s inspired or all black or animal print or all lace. It just has to match and follow through to what I am wearing over it.

April 20, 2010

All Over Breton

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Some things just are. Like Breton Stripes. Everybody loves this classic Fishermans style. Simple, elegant and understated. Dress it up or down, doesn’t matter one bit. It is the perfect little number to adopt and remake in your own style. My very first flirtation with Breton Stripes was at the tender age of five and I clearly remember a sweatshirt with three little buttons on the left shoulder and I practically lived in it until it fell apart at the seams. Stripes have been my favourite go to pattern ever since.

kate moss heathrow 2 290308


Eye Candy Galore!

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Some editorials have the power to catch our eye and remain planted in our memories. This can happen for many many different reasons. For me, personally I can be moved by the simple beauty of a sharply contoured face, a whimsical setting, and I have a particular penchant for hazy photography.  But most of the time I am drawn by the clothes. I like nothing more than to trawl through magazines (hard copy and online) and get inspiration for my own closet. Here are some images that inspire the way I dress myself on almost a daily basis. From this you can tell I practically live in skinny jeans, black leggings and tiny jean shorts teamed with loose fit t-shirts and yes, my hair is normally pulled back away from my face. I guess I would say my style is casual, tight/body conscious (I’m very thin and shaped like a pole so I play that up. My legs I would say are my main body feature so I expose them the way some women prefer to play up a large cleavage (which I don’t have). My clothes are not very colourful because I like black too much). What type of photographs are you drawn to most and why?

2cpx9ns   10oiqrn 23igda9  27 200 121291  000389-mystyle-Gemma 000395-mystyle-Natasha-Snejana 001941-mystyle-Natasha1 3059balwalking 30024_Valentino_B_029_122_39lo






April 14, 2010

Pretty Little Something’s

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There are some things a girl just can’t live without. Like oxygen and… Marni 5.5 inch wedges! My hit-list as of now consists of said wedges and Foley & Corinna bags, a huge kiss-my-knuckle statement ring by Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier, a Stella McCartney zebra print tank top. She’s also done a to-die-for jumpsuit that I can see myself living inside of.  And finally but not least for I shall be posting some other “wants” soon…a sweet little striped jacket by Tory Burch. I do wish the stripes were a little thinner and closer together, a bit more like breton stripes perhaps but I shall still go and try and it on anyway.

April 13, 2010


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I am so excited to share with you a new fashion label I found. Well, It’s new to me but it has been around in Australia since 2007.  Shakuhachi is the brain child of Jessie White.

The brand whose name means ‘bamboo flute’ in Japanese was launched four years ago. Shakuhachi has developed a look that is directional but also accessible through its choice of fabrics and colour palette. The current collection has a youthful feel with its acid-wash denim, casual trousers, and fringed detailed dresses and tops.

Having eschewed formal fashion training, Jessie White’s career as a designer was born eight years ago out of instinct, necessity, and a strong desire to create.

Using original artwork, Jessie White brings a sophisticated blend of modern, somewhat geometrical and vintage-inspired components to her work – a distinctive style developed through creative experimentation and natural curiosity. Using her own innate sense of style to inform her design, White has ensured that the Shakuhachi label is consistently inspiring to loyal followers and newcomers alike.

Recent Shakuhachi collections have seen the label mature, its primary focus being beautifully tailored garments with clever detailing and distinctive prints. Silhouettes are both functional and feminine, and the recognisable but evolutionary aesthetic of Shakuhachi is now stronger then ever.

Most recently, Shakuhachi made a solo runway debut at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. The spring/summer 2007/08 collection titled “My Life In Pink”, presented a fresh and youthful collection of sporty, utilitarian shapes that was impressively mature and highly polished.

Shakuhachi is a top pick for fashion magazines and celebrities – alike admittedly a red-carpet favourite of sister rock duo, The Veronicas.

Shakuhachi is available internationally throughout Asia, New Zealanad, the UK and the USA and is stocked in a range of exclusive boutiques and department stores nationally including Tuchuzy, Capital L and David Jones.

Some of my fav pieces are being sold online at Urban Outfitters. Take a look…


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